Where did all the workers go?

How to get that lazy Lucky Ducky to take a job

HELLO, buddies.

This week’s comic is Lucky Ducky, in “Minimum Rage,” IN WHICH the poor little duck gets lazier, greedier and luckier! 

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I know it’s uncool to point this kind of thing out, but every now and then I’ve got to take a step back and marvel at what 14-year-old Ruben Bolling would have thought about something like this.

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In case you’re interested, I’m selling a bunch more of my file copy notebooks, as I organize/digitize my office. Here and Here.

Here’s a gem of a book I just got. When people ask me my early inspirations and influences, I’m always eager to mention Peanuts, Doonesbury, Mad Magazine, and Zippy. But I absolutely should include National Lampoon magazine, which was a huge influence on my sense of humor and cartooning. It was hilarious, transgressive, and exciting. One of the great cartoonists of National Lampoon just had his work collected by Fantagraphics.

B.K. Taylor did three different comic strips for the magazine, all weird, offbeat, really funny, and subversive. You can find it here.

(I should mention that Taylor’s work, to a lesser extent than much of National Lampoon but still very much so, is at times problematic by today’s more enlightened standards. Not to excuse it, but it was the product of a different time.)

This week’s Classic Tom the Dancing Bug (published on GoComics yesterday) is the fourth and final installment of the “My Australopithecine Charley” series (from 1997).

And this week the GoComics Super-Fun-Pak Comix page has featured comics from this installment (from 2006).

Below is a picture of Otis (left) at something called doggy day care, for the first time. Was this any easier than any of my kids’ first day of school? Yes, but not by much.

And below that is info on ways to get more out of Tom the Dancing Bug. Join me, won’t you? You won’t believe the fun we have in there.

As Always,

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