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On the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre last week, I happened upon @common tweeting out this image.

I randomly selected Vicksburg, 1874, Googled it, and….

At a political rally in support of black man who had been duly elected sheriff. Unfathomable.

Some readers, in Inner Hive responses to me, and in website comments sections, made an excellent point, linking the Tulsa Massacre (and many others) to the subject of this week’s comic. Our ability to forget, ignore, and erase history ensures that wounds fester and underlying pathologies worsen.

And the Republican pathology is definitely going to worsen. Only those Republicans who resisted the Big Lie and/or took real-time steps to mitigate the 1/6 violence paid any kind of political price within the Republican party. And no politician who fomented, incited, or even actively aided the insurrection has faced any legal or political repercussions. In fact, the Republican party is working hard to normalize what happened.

This guarantees that the next time will be far worse.

This week’s Classic Tom the Dancing Bug (published on GoComics yesterday) is “Leave the Thinking About Surveillance to Us” (from 2014).

And this week the GoComics Super-Fun-Pak Comix page has featured comics from this installment (from 2006).

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