Auntvengers, Assemble!

Coming to a Marvel Cinematic Universe near you

In this week’s comic, Aunt-Man™️ gains a mysterious new ally!

Disney Executives, please stop calling, texting, DMing and throwing pebbles at my bedroom window. The way to purchase these characters is though the normal channels; my agent will be back from his week at Hana-Maui on Tuesday.

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This week’s Classic Tom the Dancing Bug (published on GoComics yesterday) is “News of the Times: Local Funnyman Jailed” (from 1996).

And this week the GoComics Super-Fun-Pak Comix page has featured comics from this installment (from 2006, when my son happened to be six years old).

That’s it for this week. Have a blessed long weekend, friends. Remember to be kind to your aunts. And why not share this post with your cousins.


Below is an action shot of Otis last weekend, on his first trip to the beach, and his first time swimming. He is on the right, and his friend Tucker is left. I think he’s trying to use his tail as a periscope.

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