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Hello, Citizens of the Earth.

I’m expanding the Inner Hive, the subscription club for my weekly comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug, to the universe of Substack.

The Inner Hive is the community that literally saved the comic strip back in 2012. Tom the Dancing Bug was conceived as a newspaper comic strip, and at that time newspapers were either dropping like flies or cancelling their comic strips like comic-strip-dropping flies.

The moment I launched the Inner Hive on Mailchimp/CampaignZee, it became the single biggest revenue source the comic strip had ever had, and it was back on the path to sustainability.

I’m so delighted with the Inner Hive and grateful to its members, who rescued and continue to rescue Tom the Dancing Bug each and every week. Through the Inner Hive I get to have a direct relationship with the readers who are most passionate and enthusiastic about the strip.

It’s a simple deal: you throw some bucks the comic strip’s way, and in exchange you get each week’s comic at least a day before it’s published, along with sketches, commentary, extra comics, info, and whatever else I can throw into the email. And you become a part of the community that makes Tom the Dancing Bug possible.

For years members could join the Inner Hive either through:

Mailchimp/CampaignZee (link here); or

Patreon (here).

And now you can also join here on Substack (well, here).

There is a free Substack Tom the Dancing Bug Newsletter, which I plan to send out periodically, with some Tom the Dancing Bug-related links, news, and information.

But to join the Inner Hive, you must sign up for a paid subscription, and you’ll become a member and get the Inner Hive-exclusive weekly emails.

Thanks for reading this far, unless you skipped to the end, which is okay too - I rambled a bit. I hope you’ll join and that I’ll see you inside the Hive.

Your new buddy?,

Ruben Bolling

I’m posting below a recent Tom the Dancing Bug comic, and the “About” page and the back cover for my new book, Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse.